Does WinFX Make Sense?

I've discussed about the title many times with my mates who specially are in Software Development teams especially Database Oriented, Distributed, Multi-Tier Information Systems.

They've all asked about the new platform with the brilliant eye-catching User Interface (UX). The technical question is "Who cares about the glass effect, right on the desktop?".

In some cases in Information Systems, such as an accounting software or inventory or production management front-end, end-users are not professional gamers who care about graphics or visual effects in that way, they're TPS operators, Middle-Managers and sometime High level managers who use Client Applications to work with their own data on their workstations or laptop.

I was wondering about the answer and ofcourse couldn't fight with my instinct which is noting me that the new Technology is like a thunder in the way we develope software.

I've though about the main question "Who cares?" or "Who needs?" all this past month. There are so many aspects which I could talk about, e.g. WWF is a high priority need with no doubt, or WCF is relief on service-oriented world. But the UX part which people say it's just beautiful, needs some argument.

I never was a UI desinger, but as much as I've discovered in WPF ("Avalon"), and thought about the fundamentals of the new UX framework like Visual Tree and the Rendering system, usage of DirectX rendering on the desktop which I call it Hyper-Graphic on my own or the robust Control and Data Templates all help end-users (never mind if they are older managers) to undrestand data and communicate with the target system by the visualization capabilitis WinFX provides in a very productive way.

The infrastructure of Visual Tree Rendering systems is much like Mind Visualization Concepts. As much as developers have a lot of tools and workpads to make applications, users also gain more confident when they see computers act in a more useful and intelligent way.

I think User eXperience has the most important role in the new age software even if the users are accountants or inventory stuff, cause they already know what they are in charge of, and also how it could be done, but they need a way to do their jobs with computers in a friendlier manner, accuracy is never a matter of concern.


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