It was a time I was hearing and reading about the LINQ project. Some said that its an O/R Mapping platform from microsoft, some said it's language enhancements on C# and so on. I've just downlaoded and installed the LINQ project May 2006 CTP from (don't have the link right now, you'll need to search for it :P).

Actually LINQ was everything I've heard. It has three major concepts which all are Language Integrated Query mechanisms. You'll face with some new enhancements to VB and C# languages which help you query data structrues such as array lists (IEnumerables) and dataset. It will bring XLinq which is the LINQ service on XML in all kinds and DLinq which is much like an O/R Mapper or Persistence layer with many codeing inline facilities.

Anyway, life is getting much more easier. Hola microsoft's fellas.


One Response to “LINQ”

  1. Paul Says:

    I agree, LINQ is quite useful. I think that a lot of people think it’s only dealing with SQL and XML, when it actually will work with any collection,array,list,etc. I have some examples of some non-SQL LINQ uses on my site. LINQ to Registry, LINQ to Reflection, even LINQ to Textbox. :D

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