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May 18, 2006

It was a time I was hearing and reading about the LINQ project. Some said that its an O/R Mapping platform from microsoft, some said it's language enhancements on C# and so on. I've just downlaoded and installed the LINQ project May 2006 CTP from (don't have the link right now, you'll need to search for it :P).

Actually LINQ was everything I've heard. It has three major concepts which all are Language Integrated Query mechanisms. You'll face with some new enhancements to VB and C# languages which help you query data structrues such as array lists (IEnumerables) and dataset. It will bring XLinq which is the LINQ service on XML in all kinds and DLinq which is much like an O/R Mapper or Persistence layer with many codeing inline facilities.

Anyway, life is getting much more easier. Hola microsoft's fellas.


O/R Mapping

May 15, 2006

It was a very hard week working to find a suiteable O/R Mapper for my current project which is building a distributed Contract Management and Budgeting Solution for a very large company with over 3,000 customers which make contracts annually.

Getting rid of data manipulation by my own, I'm trying to find a O/R Mapper for the project data. Although ASP.NET and ADO.NET do a good job together and also, I have DAAB on my mind, but there are so many solutions out there on the web, which make life easier.

There is a "How To Select" guide which helped me so much to organize information I'm trying to gain and categorize.